Established nearly a decade ago to assist credit unions in managing their vendors, Vendor Core has expanded to support banks and other financial institutions, healthcare providers, and various industries.

Vendor Core can be easily utilized with your company’s other operational systems as a centralized VMS software to easily manage your various vendors. Quickly locate contact information, financials, credentials, contracts, and other documents, and easily export data as .xml, .xls, or .csv files. Our VMS system is the most cost effective solution.  Scalable to meet your requirements, it is the same low price regardless of the number of documents, vendors, or users.

Although especially important for highly regulated industries like financial institutions and healthcare providers, our vendor management software is essential for all companies that outsource key business functions. Inadequately managing vendors can result in legal disputes and financial loss.

Defining and analyzing associated risk and criticality is important. Our software ensures that you comply with applicable laws and regulations and meet your regulatory agency’s expectations by allowing you to customize risk assessment and due diligence questions, define levels of risk, then allocate resources toward risk mitigation and monitoring. Built-in contract review tools reduce risk, and contract expiration and review reminders are sent automatically.

Our VMS software also helps to manage vendor credentialing like required skills, certifications, and licenses, which is especially important for healthcare providers to ensure vendors have proper training and immunization for patient safety and security.

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