Credit Union of Ohio Switch to New Platform

The Credit Union of Ohio has decided to up its core processing system to a platform owned by Corelation Inc. This switch will help the Hillard, Ohio-based company automate manual vendor processes. Corelation Inc. provides service technology to credit unions.

  • The Credit Union of Ohio has decided to take on Corelation’s KeyStone platform, which is touted for its “innovative” features such as keyboard customization.
  • The conversion will help the management processes for the financial institution, which currently has 18,757 members and $141 million in assets.
  • The main reason for the switch, according to the credit union’s president Rich Capuano, is better customer relations.

“Anytime we asked for automated processes or knowledge management solutions there was a cost or it wasn’t something that was available. Product enhancements or promotions were also limited which in return limited our ability to provide various offerings to our membership,” CEO Rich Capuano said, regarding the credit union’s decision to add on Keystone.

Credit Unions across the country are realizing the need to automate or increase knowledge based solutions, especially when it comes to vendor management. Vendor Core offers a vendor management solutions that has a low barrier of entry but is chock full of features.

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